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Tarot Readings Support Your Intuition

Tarot Readings Support Your Intuition

You’ve always been a dreamer. This is both your blessing and your curse.

Making something from nothing is your gift. At least it would be, if you could just carry through.

After starting hundreds of projects through the years but failing to evolve a single one, you feel your passion dying. “What’s the use?” you reason.

Everytime a challenge rises, you start another project rather than seek a solution. Surely, when you light on the right thing, the road will be smooth with no bumps.

At least that’s what you’ve told yourself for years. And, until just recently, this belief has brought you peace.

Not anymore.

Unsure of what to do, you decide to take a walk on the South Parade Pier in Southsea.

Just past the arcade, you notice a round table and a sign that reads, “Treat yourself to a Tarot reading for just £25”.

You’ve heard about Tarot readings but for whatever reason you’ve never had one. In the off chance of getting clarity, you sit down and ask for a reading.

The reader asks if there’s something specific you want him to focus on. Because you’re unsure of how the process works, you tell him that a general will be fine.

He nods and passes you the cards. As you shuffle, he explains a general reading will focus on the situation that’s the most beneficial for you to concentrate on at the time.

He then takes the cards from you and lays them out in a pattern known as the Celtic Cross.

For a few moments, he looks over the cards and then he begins to interpret:

“You’re a great starter but a terrible finisher.”

“This has always been the case but it’s only been within the last few months that it has begun to wear on you. Your passion is sliding away and you’re feeling more and more imbalanced.”

“Although you don’t want to fully accept it, you’re beginning to realise your belief system is off and that challenges don’t necessarily mean you’re on the wrong track.”

“It’s time for that to change and you want to know how to make those changes.”

“The cards reveal you have to take a hardline with yourself. You must listen to your intuition and act on what it shows you. Face your challenges, knowing they only exist to teach you lessons along the way.”

“However, you must be compassionate to yourself whilst doing this. Because you’ve held your limiting belief for so long, going against it will sting at first.”

“Allow yourself to grieve a little before you move on and then bring your latest project of passion to manifestation.”

“Once you have, you’ll wonder why you ever felt so comfortable with your current belief system.”

Everything said makes perfect sense to you.

You thank the Tarot reader and walk away ready to take a stand.

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