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Tarot Readings Help You Rediscover Your Bliss

Tarot Readings Help You Rediscover Your Bliss

When you were a child, you saw and felt the magic all around you.

You believed everyone was kind and that wonderful adventures were to be found around every corner.

As you matured, you fought to maintain that beautiful way of being. But life happened.

With every difficult situation, your faith and innocence faded even more.

Now you view all people as scoundrels and hypocrites. And the only magic,as far as you’re concerned, is the stage sort. Simple illusions to impress the gullible.

Day to day survival has long since replaced adventure. Questing now consists of choosing your meals at a supermarket.

Head down and hands balled into fists, you make your way down the pier.

You’re not sure why you’re here. Walking by the sea makes you angry. The gentle lapping causes you to remember the innocence and that causes anguish.

As you walk along, you notice a Tarot reading table to your left.

“More trickery!”, you grumble. “I’ll show him a thing or two.”

The Tarot reader raises his head. Although there’s a smile on his face, his eyes have an otherworldly gleam. Perhaps not everyone’s a trickster.

Appearing to read your thoughts, he says, “No, there are a fair few that aren’t, at least not in the negative sense.”

After laughing merrily, he continues, “It’s all in your perspective and I can see something has happened to skew yours.”

Before you can respond, he hands you a Tarot deck and says, “Shuffle.”

Once you’re done, he takes them from you and places them in a pattern he calls a Celtic Cross.

“What do you wish to know?”, the Tarot reader asks.

“Tell me how to view the world as I once did.”, you respond.

He looks over the Tarot spread and interprets:

“You’re feeling imbalanced because you believe there’s more negative than positive people and you’ve allowed this to jade you”

“To see the world as you once did, you must embrace the fact that all people contain the potential for great good. However, to reveal and interact with that potential in others, you must be kind and loving.”

“By treating others in the manner you wish you would’ve been treated years ago, you give them the freedom to respond in kind.”

“Granted, not all will. However, you’ll be amazed at all the graciousness you’ll encounter.”

It’s so simple. Why hadn’t you thought of it before?

This encounter wasn’t at all what you expected.

You get up, shake the Tarot reader’s hand and walk away.

For the first time, the ocean’s lapping fills you with wonder and joy.

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