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Tarot Readings Get You Off Plateaus

Tarot Readings Get You Off Plateaus

Over the last few years, you feel as if you’ve plateaued off. Life isn’t horrible but it’s not wonderful either.

Your life has plateaued

All your happiness seems to be invested in the future. Brilliant ideas about where you want to be cascade through your mind but no progress is being made.

You’re becoming disheartened

Since this has been the case for a long time, your heart is sinking and you find yourself ready to throw in the towel.

Some inspiration would be nice

Hoping to find some inspiration, you take a walk along the South Parade pier in Southsea. As you wander along, you’re surprised to see a Tarot reading table sitting outside of a unique shop.

Knowing that you’ve been in your own head far too long, you decide an objective point of view may be just what you need.

Time for a Tarot reading

As you sit down at the table, the Tarot reader smiles and shakes your hand warmly. “You look drained my friend, what can I do for you?”, she asks.

You explain your situation as you shuffle the cards. Just verbalising your feelings feels incredible.

The Tarot reader smiles and nods. You can tell from her reaction that she’s been there.

She picks up the cards you just put on the table and lays them in a Tarot spread she calls the Celtic Cross.

After looking at them for a couple of minutes, she begins to interpret what the Tarot cards reveal.

“You’re boxing yourself in, becoming a hermit of sorts.”

“All you think of each day is how great things should be and how miserable you are at the time.”

“This line of thought is causing your creative side to shut down.”

“Consequently, your lack of creativity makes you feel useless and unworthy to hang around other people. It feels as if everyone but you is moving forward.”

“It’s been quite awhile since you’ve been out socially, hasn’t it?”

You nod as she continues

“To get your creative juices flowing once more, it’s important you network. And I’m not just talking about within your business.”

“Regardless of how awkward it initially feels, you need to get out socially as well. Everyone feels  like you are now from time to time.”

“Give people a chance. They’re not all out to judge you, although I understand it feels that way now.”

“In addition, connecting with others will allow you to step out of your head from time to time, leaving room for fresh ideas.”

You know she’s right. Stewing in your own soup is never the answer.

You thank her for her time and head off to finish the rest of your stroll. Once you’re done, perhaps you’ll ring an old friend and stop by the pub for a pint and a chat.

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