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Tarot Finds The Roots Of Money Blocks

Tarot Finds The Roots Of Money Blocks

You ‘re the golden child

You’ve always been known as the golden child. Everyone’s always told you that you’ve got the gift.

But here you are, well into what should be your productive years, financially strapped.

You’re in a hole

You’ve started some grand projects over the years but none of them developed into anything substantial. The pennies they brought in have barely kept a roof over your head and food in your belly. Even so, your thousands in debt and you don’t know how you’ll ever catch up.

To make matters worse, you’re clueless of what to do to turn things around.

You take a walk

Feeling disgruntled, you decide to take a walk along the South Parade pier in Southsea. As you walk along, you pass a table on the left. On the table is a sign that reads, “Treat yourself to a Tarot reading….just £25”.

You grin when you see it. Once, when you were a teen ager, you played with a deck of Tarot cards. You didn’t really understand them but you remember feeling intrigued.

The root revealed

The Tarot reader looks friendly enough, so you sit down and explain your situation.

“Sounds like you have a block.”, he says. “Let’s see if we can get to the heart of it.”

He hands you a Tarot deck and asks you to shuffle.

After you’re done, he lays them in a Tarot spread known as the Celtic Cross.

After looking them over for a couple of minutes, he looks at you and says, “You’re way too hard on yourself. It’s like you’re a judge always finding yourself guilty.”

“You accept the quirks in others but you demand perfection of yourself”

“It’s an impossible standard that keeps you scattered. You scurry from one project to the next, leaving a graveyard of partially completed projects. And, partially completed projects will never generate enough money to get you out of debt and give you the feelings of  stability you crave.”

“The real issue isn’t your destructive stop start pattern. It’s the fact you’ve never put your full passion into any of your projects. Why is that?”

His comment hits you like a ton of bricks and you find yourself unable to answer his question for a few seconds.

Then a voice you hardly recognise as your own emphatically replies, “Because I only created things I was convinced would make money.”

A thin smile plays across the face of the Tarot reader as he asks, “How did that go for you?”

You get the point and you can’t help but smiling back. The Tarot reader has pinpointed the root of your financial block.

Empowering advice

“I know it seems scary but you’ll never improve your situation if you keep doing what you’re doing. By working on a project you’re passionate about, you’ll remain motivated to see it through to the end. This act of devotion will turn your finances around”, he says.

His words resonate with you.

The journey begins

After paying his fee, you rise from the table and head off.

Time to go home and put together that project you’d dreamed of years ago.

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