Email readings now available

Tarot Reading in HampshireLife can be overwhelming.  There’s so much going on, so much noise, and not enough time to get your thoughts in order.  The busy-ness of modern-life doesn’t negate the need for clarity on your life-direction or get help in unravelling dramas, relationships or events.

A tarot consultation gives you an overview of your life in general or insight into a specific area.  It shows the current energy around you and the likely outcome of events.  Tarot Consultations empower you to change your direction if you see challenges ahead.  Your future is in your hands – the cards are just tools that help you tap the universal consciousness and navigate through life in the smoothest way possible.

Tarot Consultations can help you when you want to find:

  • Answers to a relationship dilemma
  • Understanding how your current thoughts and actions are affecting your future
  • Guidance on finding love
  • Direction in your career or work situation
  • Understanding family dynamics
  • Insight on life purpose
  • Understanding of events in the past

And sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to a tarot consultation because it’s time out for you.

You can book Tarot by the Sea, Lyn & Paul Thurman, for a tarot party in Hampshire or you can visit our shop and book Paul for a tarot consultation via email or Zoom.



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